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Guns Still Need Their Triggers Pulled

Kaye Grogan

I’ve yet to see one gun shoot a person on its own. Somebody has to pull the trigger. The hypocrisy swarming around in the United States Senate chambers is repulsive, concerning the ban on guns. Trying to pass the buck seems to be the only option most of these men and women know how to do. First, it was the tobacco companies who held a gun to the heads of irresponsible people and made them smoke and become ill from tobacco products... now, it’s the gun manufacturers who are pulling the trigger on their own guns...while in the hands of criminals. P-L-E-A-S-E...enough already! I don’t indulge in smoking, snorting cocaine, or drinking alcohol products of any kind, and so far, I haven't had to shoot anyone. If I can steer clear of these bad vices, so can everyone else. It’s a wonder this country wasn’t originally built on cop-outs.

There are way too many baby-boomers who are of the notion: no one should be held accountable for their actions. Well, with one exception, and that being the Christians. Are we running a lifetime national daycare center for adults, who (supposedly) aren’t responsible for their own actions, because of enduring a bad childhood or some other insane reason? It would appear so, in many cases. Good grief...somebody stick a “pacifier” in their mouth and be done with it!

Getting back to guns...the Bill of Rights guarantees no one shall infringe upon the rights of the people to bear arms. About as clear, as don’t jump into a lion’s den, to me. So what part of “not infringe” does congress not get? To use the assault weapons controversial issue to tear away the peoples’ right to bear arms and blame gun manufacturers...is like trying to throw a blanket over law-abiding citizens who have guns to protect their lives and property against bad people, who have all the weapons they want...to shoot em’ up.

As long as the court systems fail in handing down stiffer punishments to criminals....they are just whistling dixie. The lawyers for Scott Peterson (the man allegedly accused of killing his wife and unborn son), want to strike potential jurors who believe in the death penalty. Duh! The last I heard...capital murder and premeditated murder can carry the punishment of death in most states, if convicted. Looks like anyone opposed to the death penalty should be the ones eliminated as potential jurors, given that fact. If you ask me...it’s the judges and attorneys who need a big crash course on how the laws are written. Sometimes, I wonder how some of these people managed to graduate from law school, much less actually represent people in court cases. Of course, this is just another prime example of not holding people accountable for their actions.

I do agree about background checks, for anyone contemplating purchasing a firearm or assault weapon ...especially assault weapons. Assault weapons should only be available and limited to the military and police. Most of the congressional members need to clean out their own backyards and gun closets...before starting on ours.

Kaye Grogan is a freelance writer who lives in Virginia. She writes, produces, and hosts a daily commentary called “Viewpoint” on her local radio station. She has written op-eds and articles for the Daily Republican newspaper. She also writes editorials for online newspapers and local papers.
Kaye has many published poems, one published book, and has been featured in a popular woman’s national magazine. She is currently working on two books for children. Her hobbies include photography and she has won photo contests all over the world.

Afterword: Armed Females respects the opinions of all pro-gun writers and activists. However, we strongly disagree with background checks for gun purchases, and the idea that certain guns should only be available for the police or military.

"A GOD GIVEN RIGHT cannot be legislated; cannot be turned into a privilege by a self-serving government who may then revoke it; cannot be judged or interpreted, and cannot be amended, added to a ballot, or repealed. OUR RIGHTS have no "loopholes." Any law restricting use, quantity owned or purchased, magazine capacity, configuration, caliber, firing operation, or age limits is unconstitutional.
REQUIRING ANY PERMITS, licenses, fingerprinting, background checks or ID cards is illegal under the Constitution. Registering guns means registering people and makes criminals of the lawful. All of the above mentioned restrictions are infringements on our rights as free Americans and we must not tolerate them any longer." Armed Females of America Mission Statement

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