Hollywood Intellect

by Doug Patton
March 10, 2003

My last column (”Loony Clooney and the Hollywood Left Dishonor the Memory of Those Who Served") must have struck a nerve with readers, because I have received more mail on it than any other column I have written in the last two years.

The feedback on the piece was entirely positive. In it, I highlighted the distinguished service records of Hollywood stars during World War II.

One reader wrote to thank me for the column, then suggested I write sequel, which would contrast the academic achievements of President George W. Bush with those of Hollywood’s elite. This person even gave me a few choice bits of information about the educational background of a few of Hollywood’s towering intellects.

The arrogance of the show-biz elite in their imperious attitude toward President Bush is astounding. They belittle him as and “idiot” and a “moron.” Yet, this to a president who holds an undergraduate degree from Yale and an MBA from Harvard. I don’t care who your father is. A pedigree might get you into these institutions, but a modicum of gray matter is required to remain there, let alone to graduate.

One might think that the Hollywood intellects who hurl their venom at the president must be very well educated themselves. Well, let’s take a look:

Let’s begin again with Hollywood’s current number one bigmouth, George Clooney. Clooney, of course, is a self-appointed expert on American foreign policy. Mr. Clooney must be a true scholar, a man of letters, an intellect of stature. No, it seems that George Clooney “attended” Northern Kentucky University. (“Attended” or “educated” in a celebrity’s biography is code for “dropped out.”)

Then there is the wannabe president, Martin Sheen, who apparently has come to believe he holds a Ph.D. and is a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize like the character he portrays on “The West Wing.” But, alas, poor Martin flunked his college entrance exam to get into the University of Dayton.

Another outspoken critic of the Bush policy who has cast aspersions on the president’s intelligence is former MASH star Mike Farrell. Mr. Farrell “attended” UCLA.

Barbara Streisand, one of the most vicious assailants of the president, “attended” high school. No mention of college in Bab’s bio.

Susan Saradon’s official biography brags that she “graduated from Edison High School in Edison, New Jersey where she was a cheerleader.” Feel free to make up your own jokes.

Sean Penn, who embarrassed himself so badly with his unintelligible verbal report upon his recent return from Baghdad, lists absolutely nothing for education among his credits. My guess is he dropped out.

Janeane Garofalo, another condescending critic of Mr. Bush’s brainpower, “attended Madison High School in Madison, New Jersey.” No word on whether she actually got a diploma.

Ben Affleck dropped out of the University of Vermont after one semester, then dropped out of Occidental College after one year. Interestingly, his bio says he studied Middle Eastern studies.

Cher dropped out of high school.

Michelle Pfeiffer “attended” one year at Golden West College.

This is not to say that one is required to have a list of degrees behind one’s name in order to be considered a success in life. We all know people who have done very well in their chosen fields without a college degree or even a high school diploma.

The point here is that there is an entire group of pampered people who make their living pretending to be someone else, who belittle our president’s intellect because they don’t like his politics, and that is a disgrace.

Doug Patton is a freelance columnist who has served as a speechwriter and public policy advisor at the federal, state and local levels. His weekly columns can be read in newspapers across the country. Readers can e-mail him at dpatton@neonramp.com

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