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Collectivism will kill us!


Nicki Fellenzer

NickiI won’t lie to you. I’m scared. Something dark and evil is taking over this country, and it’s not “the liberals” or “the conservatives,” Democrats, Republicans or any other political party.

We are sinking into a collectivist mire of destruction. We are giving ourselves over to socialism, to tyranny and to the lies and manipulation of those who are attempting destroy every last vestige of liberty – every last individual right – to turn us into a world society, into a collective band of compliant automatons.

What for?

Maybe when you beat every last shred of individuality out of a person…

…when you force them to devalue themselves, to forget who they are, to abandon their love and respect for self, for their achievements and for their capabilities…

…human beings become easier to control.

My father said to me recently, “I’ve noticed that this country is getting more socialist every year.”

“You just noticed?” I asked him. “What do you think I’ve been fighting against these past few years?”

“It crept up on us slowly and gradually,” he said. “It wasn’t like this when we escaped from the Soviet Union. We thought this was a free paradise. What happened?”

What happened, indeed?

For decades, we had been hurtling toward the very thing we claimed to loathe. Tyranny. We gave our elected officials more and more power. We allowed the amorphous blob called “government” to feed on us and to grow into the bureaucratic monster we see before us today.

Today, the government controls how and when we use our freedom of speech. Make no mistake – the recent Supreme Court decision upholding the tyrannical campaign finance law is not an attempt to clean up elections. It’s a way to muzzle opposition. It’s a way to protect the incumbent. It’s a way to silence dissent.business as usual

The Supreme Court’s decision to ignore the blatantly unconstitutional 9th Circuit Court of Appeals claim that there is no individual right to keep and bear arms is not just a slap in the face to the American populace, it’s transparent ignorance and arrogant disregard for the Bill of Rights and the people who bled and died to establish this once-great nation.

But it’s worse than that.

What I’m seeing is blatant promotion of collectivism. Think about it.

In order to be able to freely speak your mind, you now have to rely on organizations like the NRA to purchase a radio or television station to speak for you – groups to promote your point of view.

The “right” to keep and bear arms is apparently OK if you belong to an elite group like police or military. In the hands of those groups “assault” weapons become “high-powered” rifles. As for the rest of us… “People who like assault weapons should join the Army,” says Wesley Clark – one of the petty tyrants itching to rule America.

The socialist tripe spewed by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals claims there is no individual right to keep and bear arms.

A recent Supreme Court decision (Maryland vs. Pringle) now makes you guilty by association if you happen to be in the same car as someone who happens to be in possession of an “illicit” item. Yep. You aren’t an individual anymore to the Supremes. You are simply part of a group that has broken the rules, regardless of any wrongdoing on your part.

This collectivism is going to kill us, people.

After it destroys your individuality, it will claim that individual rights do not exist either. It will destroy your sense of self. It will confiscate your earnings, appropriate your achievements and accomplishments and try to convince you that your triumphs aren’t yours – that you couldn’t have possibly achieved your goals without the help and input of others – that no right, no accomplishment, no earned possession is yours alone.

It will indoctrinate you into this destructive mentality, teach your children that there’s strength in numbers and tell them that individualism is a fault. It will tell them that government is their friend, that government agents are there to protect them, and that anything the benevolent state does is for the “common good.”

It will tell them the state will protect them. It will try and convince them that what everyone else thinks is important, while their own thoughts should be subjugated. It will discourage questioning and curiosity and promote obedience.

It will destroy the self.

And once the self is destroyed, the rest is easy. You won’t need your firearms. You won’t need to zealously guard against tyranny. You won’t need your rights.

There will be no self to cherish. There will be no self to defend. There will be no motivation to achieve, perform, earn and succeed.

Is that the kind of society you want?

And if not, why are you still superstitiously keeping your fingers crossed that George W. Bush will appoint a better Supreme Court?

Why are you claiming he will defend your Second Amendment rights?

Why are you defending Attorney General John Ashcroft’s continuous push for power, his assertion that the detainment of American citizens on mere suspicion of “terrorism” with only a vague definition of what the term means – without legal representation and indefinitely?

Why do you think you are safer being anally probed every time you want to board a plane by the same inept, drooling ignoramuses who passed themselves off as airport “security,” but who now draw a federal salary?

Why do you trudge to the polls year after year and vote for the same tired tyrants, who feed you the same tired party line, simply because they are the lesser of two evils?

When are you going to wake up?

Nicki is a US Army veteran, who spent nearly four years in Frankfurt, Germany on active duty at the American Forces Network. She is a former radio DJ and news anchor and a Featured Writer and Newslinks Director for Keepandbeararms.com. She is also a former contributing editor to the National Rifle Association's newest monthly magazine, Women's Outlook and writes occasionally for the Libertarian Party. She resides in Virginia with her family. We are also proud to have Nicki as regular contributor to Armed Females of America.

Copyright © 2003 by Armed Females of America. All rights reserved. Permission to redistribute this article for noncommercial purposes is hereby granted, provided that it is reproduced unedited, in its entirety and appropriate credit given.

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