IDOL WORSHIP - Hollywood Style

by Nicki Fellenzer

Well, they did it.

In a bout of sanctimonious hypocrisy and sycophantic idol worship, Hollywood has awarded Michael Moore an Oscar for “Bowling for Columbine.”. They cheered as the alleged “documentarian” accepted his award. They honored the indecent accusations he hurled throughout the entire film. They praised his lies and his pious indictment of our society – or more accurately anyone he perceives as “right wing.”

"By legitimizing the piece of bigoted trash he passes off as a “documentary” and honoring it as a genuine work, the Academy cheapened the work of real documentary filmmakers"

They legitimized his fabrications.

I suppose we ought to give some of them at least a little credit for shunning Moore’s boorish attempt at condemnation during his acceptance speech and his whining endeavor to gripe about the “stolen” election of 2000 while thousands of America’s defenders are overseas fighting and dying. We ought to give Steve Martin accolades for handling that sweaty, loutish freak’s childish outburst with aplomb.

But you know what? Any credit Hollywood receives for recognizing and rejecting Moore’s petulant tantrum on the podium will always be overshadowed by its legitimization of the lies, hatred and propaganda contained in his alleged “documentary.” Their feeble bleatings about Moore’s poor timing during his acceptance speech are belied by their blind hatred for the “evil” gun, which has desensitized them to the moral imperatives of right and wrong.

Here are the facts:

The definition of documentary is, among other things, FACTUAL or OBJECTIVE.

Moore’s feeble attempt at castigation of our culture is neither.

Moore set out to perpetuate a lie, and he structured his documentary accordingly – with lies.


Apparently because lies sell. Nobody wants to hear that the alleged NRA “rally” held just a few days after the Columbine massacre was, in fact, an annual corporate meeting, which was laced with mourning, grief and tears. No one wants to hear that all festivities, banquets and other events for entertainment purposes were cancelled in deference to the tragedy. No, it’s much easier to disseminate emotionally-laced propaganda and misinformation to rile people against those “evil” gun owners who held a previously scheduled corporate meeting, despite this horrible tragedy for which they were somehow responsible, right?

Nobody wants to hear that certain parts of the movie were staged by Moore to show hunters as complete incompetent idiots. They’d rather believe that all hunters are stupid enough to strap their rifles onto their dogs and get shot in the process.

Nobody wants to hear that the little boy who shot his classmate in Flint, Michigan lived amid filth, drugs and stolen firearms. No one wants to know that the murderer of Kayla Rolland spent his time among criminals and drug addicts. And no one wants to know that Mommy Dearest was an alleged druggie, who purportedly abused at least one of her kids. No – instead, Moore focused on how poor mommy was actually forced to work, instead of sitting on welfare and watching Oprah in her drug den! Oh the horror! It wasn’t the child’s environment – his exposure to crime, drugs and filth that played a major role in the murder of his 6 year old classmate. No! It was the evil government that forced his irresponsible twit of a mother to actually work for a living! Yes, it’s all those evil “conservative, right-wing” ideals of working instead of leeching off society that killed Kayla!

Lies sell, and Michael Moore is apparently one hero of a salesman.

But, if you think I plan on taking aim at Moore today, you’re mistaken. That cretin doesn’t deserve a column devoted to the bigoted piece of trash he vomited forth and packaged as a “documentary.” He doesn’t merit my attention or my writing efforts. He merits nothing more than contempt, which I freely and amply bestow on him.

No, my mission today is to take aim at Hollywood itself – and especially the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences – for blindly falling for Moore’s unilateral condemnation of our society as somehow being responsible for a handful of miscreants.

For awarding Moore’s scapegoating of every American who chooses to purchase a legitimate and effective tool of self-defense, skill and competition as a culture responsible for every evil deed by every criminal, Hollywood should hang its head in shame.

By legitimizing the piece of bigoted trash he passes off as a “documentary” and honoring it as a genuine work, the Academy cheapened the work of real documentary filmmakers – those who choose to portray the truth and create a work of art that reflects objective reality.

By honoring Moore’s seething hate for America, for her heritage and for her freedoms, Hollywood and its “elite” spat in the face of every law-abiding American gun-owner, simply because they choose to take responsibility for their own well-being, their freedom and their safety, instead of relying on armed guards to protect them.

And by paying tribute to Moore’s misguided and incompetent portrayal of gun owners and hunters as disturbed morons responsible for any and every tragedy involving a firearm in this country, Hollywood has tainted the tradition of the Academy Award.

They applauded sleaze because it jived with their political agendas.

They worshipped filth – the bigoted condemnation of innocent people as the “culture” responsible for violence.

They revered corruption, because it’s so much easier for them to demonize and vilify peaceable gun-owners than to look within their own ranks at the violence and filth they peddle day in and day out.

That’s why they so thoroughly enjoyed Moore’s fraudulent distortion. Because God forbid they actually take a modicum of responsibility for promoting slime and sleaze! It’s so much easier to blame those who don’t have a direct line to the media. It’s so much quicker and cleaner to attack victims who don’t have the Hollywood resources to respond.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I fully support the entertainment industry’s right to peddle violent, morally repugnant garbage. If there’s a demand for filth, they’ve exploited it, fully and legitimately. I also fully support my right to turn them off and not have them in my home. It is my right as a citizen to turn away from their corruption and their peddling of blood and sex for money. That’s what freedom is all about - choices.

But what I will condemn these spoiled rich uninformed brats for is the hypocrisy of blaming peaceable, innocent citizens for the “culture” of violence, while pointedly ignoring their own role in glorifying said carnage.

Listen up, Hollywood! You are a bunch of whiny, petulant hypocrites, whose little world is an unrealistic, tucked away Stepford nightmare, where a pair of shoes could cost more than some people’s annual salary. You – with your gated communities and your armed guards – have no clue about the reality of having to either take personal responsibility for protecting yourself and your loved ones or having to rely on the government to do so. You malign guns and gun owners, because it’s convenient – because it gives you yet another excuse to wrap yourselves in the shroud of piousness, while making billions of dollars off the same tragedies you condemn.

With a very few exceptions, you disgust me. Your holier-than-thou ignorance is matched only by your transparent, sanctimonious and hypocritical unwillingness to condemn lies and misinformation. You have cheapened your art and you have cheapened the Academy Awards with your obsequious osculation of Michael Moore’s rather large derriere.

I feel sorry for any other documentarian whom you choose to honor with an Oscar in the future, for he will invariably be lumped into the same category as the peddler of lies, bigotry and hatred you chose as your winner this year.

I would advise you, the members of the entertainment industry to remove your collective lips from Mr. Moore’s anus. I would advise you to hold yourselves up to the same high standards as the people who awarded Michael Bellesiles’ fraud Arming America the prestigious Bancroft Award and later rescinded it on the grounds that it was full of lies. But you have never been known for your integrity, Hollywood, so I won’t hold my breath.

Nicki Fellenzer

Nicki is a US Army veteran, who spent nearly four years in Frankfurt, Germany on active duty at the American Forces Network. She is a former radio DJ and news anchor and a Featured Writer and Newslinks Director for She is also a contributing editor to the National Rifle Association's newest monthly magazine, Women's Outlook and writes occasionally for the Libertarian Party. She resides in Virginia with her family. We are also proud to have Nicki as regular contributor to Armed Females of America.

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