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Something Bad Is Going To Happen!

By Rick Biesada

During a conversation with my friend and radio co-host, Rosanna Pulido, she made a profound observation as we discussed the sorry shape of our government.

Rosanna stated; "my father isn't very politically active, and he pays little attention to current events, but he told me; you know, I can feel that something "bad" is about to happen"...and when he tells me that...I believe him.

Yes, that's true, I tried to explain to Rosanna a young lady nearly twenty years my junior, that her father was speaking through wisdom; the wisdom of experience, lifes greatest teacher.

Rosanna's parents had migrated here from Mexico,legally, over 50 years ago. Mr. Pulido, a hard worker, became a painting contractor and followed the American Dream, achieving a successful business and raising a fine family in this home of the brave, land of the free, which has suddenly, tragically, and surreptitiously, developed a gravity problem and is rapidly free falling into obliteration.

Mr. Pulido, twenty years my senior, doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that something is amiss with America, and we are drifting off course, towards abashment.

That same street wisdom and experience compelled me to write in my book; Angry White Male and The Horse He Rode In On, about an impending 9 -11 style attack on our country, and named Osama-bin- Laden as the perpetrator, nearly two years before the fact. (P: 316)

History dictates the facts and if you're not a good student of history, you will be condemned to repeat bad history.

For over one hundred years there has been a concerted effort to denigrate and disparage our society by trying to negate our social contract with the government; the United States Constitution; the glue that holds our country together is being underminded by a band of fascist misfits, wrapped in the funky garments of "do- goodism."

They have assailed our rule of law, and they have excoriated our liberty; the same precious liberty that our founders lost treasure over, and shed blood for, in order to guarantee a taste of freedom to their inheritors.

This noxious, toltalitarian odor, has been festering in the contaminated halls of government for years, as we can trace back to the days when anti American collaborators were starting to come out of the closet to try and subvert our way of life.

President Woodrow Wilson drew up a covenant for The League Of Nations in 1919, laying the nefarious seed for it's repugnant bastard child; the odious United Nations.

Fortunately, at that period in time, our United States Senate was comprised of patriotic leaders who rejected this treaty and prolonged the agony of this abominal and deceptive idea until the year 1946; introducing "Chuckie," wrapped in the cloth of the United Nations - the New World Order Globalists had arrived on the scene.

These older and bolder senators were prudent students of history, not nurtured under the false doctrine of the maggoty draft dodging professors of the 60's, pushing counter productive ideas, reeking of socialism.

They didn't want to be condemned to repeat bad history, such as the fall of the Roman Empire, and our present declining state of despair, can be traced directly to that historic event, through the similarities which are now taking place through the oppressive efforts of our present government, which cavalierly trades our sovereignty for a piece of the global pie.

The principles of The Roman Empire - justice, tolerance, and a desire for peace, influenced countless generations. Roman cruelty and greed caused great misery and the use of force brought hardship and death, but the Roman qualities of duty, seriousness of purpose, and a sense of personal worth, remain ideas for people everywhere.

A century of revolution gave Rome a relative peace under the Roman system of law, which was a great contribution to Western Civilization and influenced American Common Law.

Rome dominated the whole Mediterranean world but trouble at home followed peace abroad. Two tribunes - NO! Not Skull & Bone Fraternity Brothers, Bush - Kerry - Bush- Kerry - Bush -Kerry; ad-nauseam ... but the brothers, Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus, tried to help the poor classes by starting witless social programs and land reforms.

The Romans, a people blessed with a whole lot of attitude, resisted these reforms and murdered the Gracchus brothers, cutting off their heads; illustrating that those silly looking Islamic terrorists aren't the only people who know how to wield a finely honed sword on a politicians, or judges head. Augustus became the first Emperor of Rome. He ended heavy taxation and replaced the corrupt, pandering public servants with principled and responsible officials.

The reign of Augustus marked the begining of two hundred years of peace. No country was strong enough to wage a major war on Rome or pose a serious threat. Commerce flourished and the standard of living rose. Many of Romes emperors were inferior men, but competent administrators gave the Roman Government an automatic efficiency that carried it through the reigns of both bad and good times.

Rome now developed a class of dependent, lackadaisical people, vunerable to the threats of barbarian tribes looking for easy prey, in search of their Roman Dream.

To meet this threat, the empire doubled the size of it's army and hired mercenaries - or independent contractors to defend their plight. The increase drain on men and resourses caused an economic crisis. The burden of supporting a greatly increased army and civil service, taxed resources of the empire to the breaking point.

Rome fell through the failings of men, as history points out; just as America will fall...as Mr. Pulido can feel within his being. Experience is the greatest teacher, and only a fool would repeat bad history.

With all due respect to Mr. Pulido's acknowledgement, I would submit that "something bad," has already happened. We have elected socialist, provocatuer jackasses, to public office, immune to gravity, and it will only get worse, unless the people rise up against this burdensome tyranny through their rightful roll as citizens of a free society, and abort our present leadership, then replace them with a strong force of loyal, reform minded Constitutionalists, who will formulate the proper ingredients for the mortar to reconstruct the foundation of our government.


Rick Biesada 8-8-04

Rick Biesada can be heard on The Angry White Minute each Tuesday and Friday morning at 8:10 a.m. over radio station WJJG 1530 AM, Chicago's Home Town Station. Visit his Web-site

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