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Contrasting values

By Ted Lang

Another worthless firecracker “Fourth” has passed. My panicky dog, the last one I owned, used to go totally berserk every Fourth. It is difficult to determine whether my dog, in her fit of terror reacting to firecracker reports, was goofier than the American sheeple fawning over the government party line hyped by the media promoting loyalty to the flag and the Pledge of Allegiance. One represents loyalty to a piece of cloth, and the other loyalty to the current political expediency that is government.

The loyalty that should be expressed by “Americans” on Independence Day is a demand for the continuing adherence by our “government officials” and “representatives” to our Founding documents, which on the occasion of this holiday is reverence for the freedoms begotten from God as expressed in the Declaration of Independence.

Those freedoms should apply to all people, including white folks born here and heterosexuals, and should be totally independent of government intervention, interpretation and supervision. That includes the Unconstitutional Socialist [US] Supreme Court of Communist Correctness for the Promotion of Anti-family, Anti-heterosexual, Social Class Quotas and Preferences. In order to promote security, safety, and “sensibility,” Americans are banned from celebrating their independence by government mandates.

Fireworks are now illegal and banned in liberal, socialist and communist enclaves. Police teams and SWAT units patrol the streets to enforce the ban on fireworks, alcoholic beverages, cigarette parties and other expressions of self-destruction. Police are here to “protect and serve,” and it should be readily apparent that the object of their protection and service is government itself. Police response to calls for help from the public are not legally enforceable. Government cannot be sued for failing to protect and serve. This proves it serves and protects itself, not the people.

So if we desire to participate in the joy and fun of fireworks, as people have been doing for eons without the interference from despotic, tyrannical, police state layers of “American” government, we can do so at government sponsored fireworks displays. But how can government do that? Government has no money, especially in those liberal, socialist and communist enclaves and states where big government liberalism costs taxpayers so much of their hard earned money. Aren’t liberal states and counties and towns all strapped for funds? Isn’t that the fault of greedy wage and salary earners and capitalistic corporations that haven’t given enough of their money to government entities and liberals for redistribution?

On a Fourth of July a few years back, New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani had police on almost every street corner in the entire city to shut down the private use of fireworks. During his administration, heavily armed undercover SWAT teams and police assassins gunned down more black residents than any previous administration in memory. One citizen was riddled with 41 bullets and wasn’t even armed. The black community hated Giuliani and his political career was doomed. Then, one 9-11 gun control-induced act of terror and a few feel-good speeches, and Giuliani is on the cover of every newspaper and magazine in America!

Before being elected as a “new” Democrat, Governor Billy Jeff Clinton was earning a salary in the mid forty thousand-dollar range. Today, as a result of “government service” and book deals worse than that which got Newt Gingrich unseated from Congress, the Clintons are multi-millionaires. And their legal bills are in the millions? No problemo – Republican dumbos and President George Bush will get US taxpayers to pay the Bill.

Now compare our politically correct and physically erect politicians and leaders to our Founders, who were a very wealthy, educated, and a property-rich class of gentlemen. Sure they owned slaves, and women weren’t granted suffrage, but the Thirteen Colonies didn’t distinguish themselves by these shortcomings – discrimination against women was standard virtually all over the globe where the European influence took hold. And slavery wasn’t unique to the Colonies. So the anti-white male, feminist extremists designating the Founders as “dead white guys” are just hateful, radical, anti-American male feminist pinkos.

Those “dead white guys” were killed, had family members killed, and some were tortured and imprisoned. And most lost all of the wealth they had acquired in their lifetimes. Now compare their sacrifice and the poverty at the end of their lives, remembering that these sacrifices eventually freed the slaves and made women’s suffrage possible, and compare this to their hero: draft-dodger, gun controller and rapist, multi-millionaire Billy Jeff Clinton.

Theodore E. Lang

© THEODORE E. LANG 7/9/03 All rights reserved

Ted Lang is a political analyst and a freelance writer.

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