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Employing Time and Distance to Divide and Conquer

By Mike Staw

America’s a big place.

The elitist forces of evil enthusiastically take full advantage of that obvious fact to incrementally divide and conquer their sworn enemies: us, the average Americans.

While an elitist judge in Biddeford Maine is arranging the legal theft of Dottie LaFortune’s house, welfare Gestapo in Waltham Massachusetts attempt to kidnap the children of Kim and George Bryant, Dick Simkanin, a businessman in Texas is being persecuted for “violating” unconstitutional federal tax laws, and Rick Stanley, a Constitutional activist in Colorado is being stalked to serve six months in jail for a law -which he personally caused to be changed -that no longer exists!

"The presence or absence of any inanimate object, a tool, is immaterial to whether a man chooses to perpetrate evil."

Seem like isolated incidents, yes?

Add that a federal judge in Boston, the “cradle of liberty,” (and now its grave) has struck down the Constitution as “unnecessary,” or that the treacherous so-called “PATRIOT” 1 and 2 Acts pretty much repeal the Constitution anyway, it should be obvious to even an evil social fascist that there’s an orchestrated effort underway to overthrow the system of “government” that our Founding Fathers set in place -at great cost -for our protection.

But, how is this possible? We have laws!

And therein lies the problem.

Everybody everywhere is constantly writing “laws,” regardless of their impact or effect.

Take firearm law: there are already more than twenty thousand federal, state and local “laws” governing an item that the Founders specifically, in black and white, demanded be “uninfringed.”

In spite of the Draconian stifling of these unconstitutional “laws” there’s been absolutely no lessening of illegal criminal activity by those who refuse to obey such useless “laws,” anymore than an angered spouse can be physically halted by a flimsy, worthless paper referred to as a “restraining” order.

Put a gold border on it: he won’t be stopped. Put a state seal on it: he won’t be stopped.

The elitists are simply playing a fantastic shell game, manipulating your mind.

In any bureaucracy, the left hand never knows what the right is doing.

You might not believe it, but the only force that keeps the United States moving ahead is the fact that in Washington, not even the right hand knows what the right hand is doing.

In every big city, for instance, its bloated, tax-funded departments, like “police” and Fire, are divided into convenient segments such as “districts” or “precincts,” so no one will ever suspect how appallingly bad the numbers really are.

It took the unconstitutional war in Iraq for reporters to begin asking, “well, if we have a soldier a day killed in downtown Baghdad, just how many cops are killed in, say, New York?”

Never mind, of course, the myriad innocent citizens gunned down in botched raids, “mistaken” identities, and other sundry travesties of justice.

But what’s all this got to do with me?

Allow me to elucidate: you’re a pawn in a massive game of power that, if you knew about, would object to and thwart.

Therefore, the elitists must manufacture a method that will allow the “free press” to selectively display examples of their power, inculcating a fear and respect for what, in actuality, is merely a few puppet masters controlling the herd.

Like the Eloi in H. G. Wells’ novel, we react exactly like any other member of the herd when we view a jackal tear the throat out of a living member of our herd: “oh, well, it wasn’t anyone I know.”

Why else do such appalling events, such as those individuals I mentioned above, as well as Rainbow Farm, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Elian, and, oh yes, September eleventh, become so easily forgotten, placed in the furthest recesses of our consciousnesses?

Because we don’t connect the dots and see them as part of the overall assault on our way of life.

Let me lay it out for you: you have personal responsibility for everything you do -and don’t do.

That’s the way the universe works: you can’t legislate away your responsibility, or shirk it in the manner those aboard September eleventh’s doomed jetliners did.

Those with consciences, like Todd Beamer, still paid the price for acceding to “government” tyranny, yet by taking personal responsibility, were able to prevent a greater tragedy.

Their reward for such unselfish service to their beloved country? A literal hole in the ground in the middle of nowhere.

If every citizen walked about armed, as the Constitution requires, would there be more crime?

Absolutely not: look to Vermont, Alaska, Kennesaw Georgia, and such places where men are still citizens, in comparison to the strongholds of evil social fascism, such as Washington D. C., New York City, Chicago, and Massachusetts.

Well, then, why is this?

Because the hearts of honest men abhor violence. Only predatory criminals stalk with evil intent: literally, “lo tirtzah, “ the “murder” spoken of in the Bible.

Our legal system, based on English common law, based on, Roman law, based on Hebrew law, presupposes that the great majority of citizens are honest and law-abiding.

They don’t want to commit crimes. Only bad people do.

The presence or absence of any inanimate object, a tool, is immaterial to whether a man chooses to perpetrate evil.

Those who irrationally fear that the honest will, for some inexplicable reason, suddenly lash out and murder them, like Sara Brady, are insane.

Every law serves to seize what precious little is left of you personal responsibility, and an elite, militaristic organized force of mercenary proxy-guardians, the “police,” only serve to destroy what trifling quantity remains.

What alters the balance between good and evil is that there are vastly more good men than bad.

In any emergency, like that of September eleventh, it’s the number of good men willing to exercise their personal responsibility that determines the outcome.

The terrorists laughed at the unconstitutionally-disarmed sheep aboard the doomed flights, suggesting that they dial nine-one-one!

If only ten percent of the doomed passengers decided that day to carry on their person the immediate means of self-protection, do you seriously believe the results would have been the same?

What has your holy “government” done to ameliorate the possibility of such events being repeated, other that to point German sub-machineguns in our faces, strip-search grandmothers and steal our personal property as we board the flying cattle cars?

Why, they’ve decided to shoot down such planes in the future!

Don’t you feel safer now?

If we don’t wake up immediately and seize personal responsibility for our individual lives, our lack of courage will mean that we’ve consciously decided to become nothing more that “government”-owned, fed, and slaughtered cattle.

Based on past history, I can only say, “bon appetit!”

Mike Straw

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