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A Great American has responded to a NEWS EDITORIAL encouraging Americans to celebrate Independence Day and their patriotism by doing such things as, planting a tree and obeying traffic laws. (What, no BBQ?) Editor

A few ideas on showing “patriotism”

By Barry Bright

I feel so much better now that News Editor Beth Foster is thinking about how to show “patriotism,” and has encouraged us to submit some ideas of our own.

She obviously hasn’t been straining her brain too much since her list consists of the mindless pablum that can be found or heard in the mainstream news media. She’s just repeating her indoctrination, not really “thinking” at all. If she were her list would more closely resemble mine:

Get your children out of the government schools and homeschool them.

Mothers, instead of getting a job to pay for the cell phones, air conditioning, extra cars, country boy Cadillacs, expensive restaurant meals and other items our ancestors lived without, stay home with the kids until they’re at least five or six years of age. They need their mother at that time in their lives.

Churches: set up local private schools and daycares for kids from poorer families. Teach them Liberty if you want peace and justice. Give up your subservience to the socialists in the Federal Government by surrendering your 501c3 “tax free” status so your preachers can preach the truth about our history and what it takes, and will take, to restore and preserve the greatest gift God ever gave to humanity, a free non-socialist republic that was founded with the blood sacrifice of men and women whose shadows most of us are not fit to stand in.

Teach a kid how to use a gun. Teach a young girl how to use a handgun to protect her chastity and a young man how to use an “assault rifle” to protect his freedom and both of them how to protect their future children, homes and property.

Go to a meeting of Take Back Kentucky and learn how to become a citizen lobbyist. The Kentucky representatives and senators are very happy to hear from real people and not from the corporate lobbyists and overpaid “Liberal” lawyer bureaucrats who’ve been telling them what to do for years.

If we must have government schools get the socialists, who in reality created the schools for their own purposes, out of the classrooms and out of the curriculum.

Form a local militia, and train together for when they try to do here what has been done in Britain and Australia and what Canada is prepping for and what our own forces are now doing in Iraq – disarming the civilian population. This must never be allowed to happen here. It must be prevented at any price.

Shame your neighbors when they say things like “I vote for the man who’s gonna do somethin’ fer me.”

Insist the members of the mainstream news media tell the truth for once in their pitiful lives and if they don’t, stop supporting them and inform their advertisers of your decision.

Research the real issues, on the internet. The mainstream newspapers and the television news are useless. Vote for the candidates who will work to restore real human Liberty, not Dubya’s or Bill’s version.

Demand your representatives on all levels of government not vote on any law or bill until they have read it and completely understand its implications. Many of them were shocked and angered when they found out what they had voted for and passed in the name of “campaign finance reform.” They didn’t read it before they voted on it.

If the IRS or some other government agency tries to seize the property of a neighbor show up and forbid it. If they are trying to auction someone’s property shame and exclude from the community the people who buy it. The “local and friendly” banks that turn over the assets of their customers to the IRS should be shunned and closed if they are too cowardly to cease cooperating with this illegal entity.

Get in the face of the Federal government agents sent forth “to harass our people” and tell them bluntly they are not welcome here. Insist the local sheriff refuse entry, as is his right and place as sheriff, to any and all federal agents sent to the county to enforce socialist laws.

Go to the local “environmentalists” who are really prepping central Kentucky for what has happened to people and communities out west, and escort them across the state line and dare them to step across it again.

When you see or are forced to go through a road block “for your safety,” protest loudly. Call your elected public servants and demand to know how such can occur in a “free country.”

Remember that the Soviets filled their gulags and the Nazis filled their concentration camps with people who thought “It’ll never happen to me.” So they sat fearfully in their homes, ignoring the attacks on their neighbors’ liberties until the knock came to their own door.

Then it was too late for anything but a suicide mission.

Barry Bright
Taylor County - Willowtown community
founder, webmaster, president, chief cook and bottle washer - freekentucky.com
June 29, 2003

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