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By: Dorothy Anne Seese

There's a way to grow a police state with full approval of the citizens. In fact, the people will ask for this protection.

First, create a media barrage about a terrorist threat, or several threats, several locations, and call them "red zones" for high alert. No one wants a true threat ignored. However, the people have to rely on the managed media to tell them that the threat is real, that our military intelligence reports have been validated, and that the plans to attack are imminent. No one can prove a negative. So if no terrorists attack, it is because our forces, our government, prevented it by huge security measures.

Never mind the fact that no terrorist attack yet has been accurately forecast in advance, at least none that were made available to the general public. True terrorists attack by surprise, and if they are broadcasting, they're broadcasting in something that calls one building in one location by some code name that isn't going to be recognized until it's hit. If it's hit.

Meantime, the second step in growing the police state is to gain public approval and acceptance of the presence of uniformed police or military personnel, with guns, all around the "target" areas under the high alert. Perhaps it is three, or five, or ten. Wherever there is an "alert" raised to red, there will be armed forces of some sort visible. Exactly how armed foot soldiers are going to prevent a missile, airliner, car bomb or suicide bomber attack is not quite clear. We just feel better if there's someone holding a gun who is on our side standing guard.

Very soon, we will all grow used to seeing the cammies, uniforms, guns, dogs, and others standing guard. We are then well on our way to accepting the police state. We will gladly produce our papers to prove we are true Americans, not hostile enemies going to bomb something. Then the government, wishing to assure us that it is taking all the measures it can, will go one step further.

The third step is to ask all loyal, flag-waving Americans to surrender their guns because terrorists might steal them and only bad guys need guns, we have all those armed military, police and national guard forces on duty. We've even invited our ally nations to send some troops to bolster our own depleted forces, off fighting the war on terrorism half way around the world.

After all those terror alerts have been issued, and perhaps some "foiled" efforts that produce no real harm but incite fear among the public at large, people begin to surrender their guns to the state.

Then it becomes law that American citizens cannot own firearms. It's for our own good, only bad guys have guns.

The explanation is simple. We began by placing a few dozen armed police and snipers around and on buildings, and Americans were safe in "red alert" zones. See? The system works. The more alerts, and non-events, and the more military or police (doubtless both) who are visible to the public, armed to the teeth with everything imagineable, and we're well on our way to "securing" the American public.

With wide open borders to the South.

If you don't see it yet, we'll explain. What is detailed above is happening now, and it is marching toward the total abolition of the Second Amendment:

Amendment II.

A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Since when have you heard the government call upon the loyal citizenry to grab their guns and help keep America free? That probably has not been heard since Paul Revere's famous ride. Yet the state militias were the ones who are specified in the Bill of Rights as being those who are necessary to the security of a free state!

A free state with gun-wielding citizens to protect their lives and property by lethal force is not the object of a police state or a member of the Global Governance Village. Our founders thought it necessary to leave the defense of this nation, particularly on home soil, as part of the duty of the citizenry. Now it is solely the privilege and prerogative of the military and local police. No help wanted from citizens, get back indoors.

Loyal leaders would call on the national guard to protect our southern border here in Arizona, the open gateway for illegal aliens of all nationalities to enter the United States with no visas, no papers, no permission, no real identity, and leave a trail of garbage, ruined grazing land, dead animals belonging to Arizona ranchers, and some dead people (Americans) on their route to establishing residence in the USA. Of course the media photos are always of pregnant women wanting babies born in America, another "for the children" smokescreen for allowing the cultural dilution of the nation and heavy drains on its natural and financial resources. The American citizens (of various original ethnicities) who live along that border could stop illegal immigration, but if they try, the governor of Arizona threatens them! Those who protest against this travesty on justice are castigated as radicals, hostile militias, and heartless, trigger-happy wretches by the media here. National media ignores the plight of the border citizens.

In effect, the police state against action by American citizens is already in place along Arizona's border with Mexico.

Now it's coming to New York, Washington, and a major city near you shortly. Wait your turn.

Whatever it takes, be certain that plans are in effect to get American citizens, presently unaccustomed to seeing armed forces with guns lining our streets and watching our state and federal, banking and other commercial buildings, comfortable with the idea that police and military in the streets, with full armor on or readily available, is necessary to thwart terrorist attacks.

Tanks do make a bit of noise, but relax. New building codes will provide for sound insulation. They won't disturb you as they roll down the streets protecting the Homeland.

Do I want America attacked by enemy forces? NO. Of course not.

I just don't think we know the full story with regard to our enemies. Remember Pogo.

"Published originally at EtherZone.com : republication allowed with this notice and hyperlink intact."

Dorothy Anne Seese is a freelance political writer for Patch Work papers and a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

We invite you to visit her website at Flagship

Dorothy Anne Seese can be reached at carrot710@yahoo.com
Published in the August 5, 2004 issue of Ether Zone. Copyright © 1997 - 2004 Ether Zone

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