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Welcome to the Jungle


By Mike Straw

In the extremist victim disarmament stronghold of the evil social fascist oligarchy of Maryland, where terrified law-abiding citizens are unconstitutionally disarmed and predatory criminals like the infamous Willie Horton run for sanctuary and uniformed thugs regularly brutalize the community, what can we expect from lawbreakers?

As can be readily expected in any third-world regime, federal prosecutor Jonathan Luna was "brutalized with multiple stab wounds" and dumped in a creek where he eventually drowned.

Luna's vehicle was smeared with blood on the driver's side door and front fender and was running when a well company worker discovered it behind the company's parking lot, about seventy miles from Luna's Baltimore office.

A "large pool of blood" was on the floorboard in front of the car's passenger's seat, and money and cell phone equipment were found scattered throughout the interior.

The thirty-eight -year-old assistant U.S. attorney's body was discovered in the nearby creek, stabbed thirty-six times.

Luna was fashionably attired in a business suit and overcoat, and still had his wallet, complete with identification and cash.

Luna, who had two children, was known as a champion of the disadvantaged, and often wrote letters to the editor on behalf of minorities and the poor.

If all-powerful “authorities” can’t keep someone of Jonathan Luna vaunted stature “secure,” how much effort do you think they’ll invest in your safety? ” Writing letters to the editor” can’t keep “minorities and the poor” any safer than the assistant U.S. attorney himself was kept.

The only practical tool for use by all The People is still the very one specified by the nation’s Founders: “The great object is, that every man be armed” -Patrick Henry

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