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This is not democracy as we know it!

"What if some other country were having an election, and citizens were only allowed to hear from two government-approved candidates?

What if two other candidates, on the ballot in a majority of states and representing parties that drew over 3 million votes in the previous election, were arrested simply for trying to enter a debate?

What if all that happened, and the "watchdog" news media didn't tell the citizens about it?

Well, it happened in the good old US of A! Libertarian Michael Badnarik (on 49 state ballots) and Green David Cobb (on 28 state ballots), crossed a police line in St. Louis, and were arrested.

You would think that Fox News, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and MSNBC would be all over this affront to the democratic process, but no, not a peep.

Badnarik was also attempting to serve the Commission on Presidential Debates with a "Show Cause Order," issued by an Arizona judge, requiring the CPD to appear at a hearing concerning the Libertarian Party's lawsuit to stop the upcoming debate at Arizona State University, as an illegal campaign contribution to Bush and Kerry, an unconstitutional use of Arizona state funds to support selected candidates, and a violation of the LP's equal protection rights, since they are a recognized political party in Arizona.

If this happened in some other country, what would we call them? Undemocratic? Human rights violations? Unbelievable?

If you think America is a free country, you are sadly mistaken. If you think the news media aren't controlled by the same people who control the Democrat and Republican parties, think again.

It's been nearly a week without a peep from the networks. This is not democracy as we know it."

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