An American Epic For The 21st Century
by Rick Stanley

I can feel it, taste it, smell it.
Makes the skin crawl, all the way to the bone.
Bearing down on America and the world.
Like the Black Plague, only worse this time.
Feels like, the hand that switched on the Nazi ovens.
Something Evil, This Way Comes.

The kind of evil, that steals your children.
May come in the middle of the night, while you sleep.
Wearing black, malevolence shining light in your eyes.
Screaming so loud, mouthing obsenities, spittle flying.
Violence smashing in, ending tranquility, you try to hide your nudity.
Something Evil, This Way Comes

Takes what you give it, you think it is right.
What used to be right, made wrong now, just because.
What used to be wrong, is right, by default.
Steals your wages, your property, your guns.
Demands answers, when you should give none.
Something Evil, This Way Comes.

Which way is up? You always feel down.
Buried by problems, too much work, all with doubt.
Now you lost your job, company left town. Moved overseas.
You feel so helpless, where is God? What do I do?
Everyone you know, tells you, all will be right.
Something Evil, This Way Comes

Our rights, once carved in stone, all taken.
Government man tells you, all you need to know.
Where once proud, now the head is held low.
Trading rights away, for privileges. Rape for freedom.
No constitutional rights in our courts, what's wrong fool?
Something Wicked, This Way Comes.

Sirens blaring, lights flashing, injustice sown.
Cops killed another child, had to, you know.
Came inside twenty one feet, thugs have guns, your dead meat.
No charges filed ever, never need to see the truth.
Whitewash and cover-up, are the order of the day.
Something Wicked, This Way Comes.

Want to be safe? Homeland Security here.
Guns at the airport, but not for you. No defense for you.
Security check points, it is for your own good.
Our military is strong, don't you feel safe?
Controllers will liberate your money supply, pipelines, poppyfields, and oil.
Something Wicked, This Way Comes.

Politicians to the Rescue, they know better.
Who are you? You're just the people.
Pay your taxes. Don't complain. Give it up.
They make promises, sheep must be shorn.
Don't worry, lead them to slaughter.
Something Wicked, This Way Comes.

Protect yourself? What for? Cops do that.
Serve and protect. That's the motto.
Not anymore. Cops make revenue now.
Pass out those tickets, fill the state coffers.
That's not enough? Pass more laws. Rights no, laws yes.
Evil And Wicked, This Way Comes.

Where's the media? Nothing exposed.
Where is Bob Woodward? Bought and paid for.
Propaganda will fill the people's minds.
Politically and socially correct, this is your time.
Everyone is happy, no matter what, Big Brother is watching.
Evil And Wicked, This Way Comes.

Our money is worthless? How come?
Federal Reserve is a corporation? Not true!
Oh, but it is, and so is the government.
Money is debt and credit. What about gold?
Sold down the river. Politician's word is his bond.
Evil And Wicked, This Way Comes.

International Bankers. Laughing it up.
Stealing our assets. Giving us lies and fraud.
Social Security the perfect Ponzi scheme for the sheep.
Take it from wages. Trust fund to keep.
Sixty years later, it's all gone.
Evil And Wicked, This Way Comes.

We fell for it all. America dethrowned.
Our troops all over the globe, spearpoint, you know.
UN troops guard us now, in white vehicles.
Lurking in shadows, hiding for now.
FEMA builds camps, to house and make us safe one day.
Minions Now, Of Satan, This Way Comes.

They gave us the Patriot Act - Victory Act too.
Turned everyone into a terrorist, as darkness fell on America.
Waving your flags, stealing our rights, making more laws.
Once we were citizens, now subjects, comfortable slaves.
Presidents, Democrats and Republicans, saved the day.
Minions Now, Of Satan, This Way Comes.

America slept through the 20th Century.
We had integrity, honor, strength of character, and Mickey Mouse.
We trusted public servants, they stole us blind.
They live in comfort, while the people scratch and claw.
A new aristocracy, the Government of America.
Minions Now, Of Satan, This Way Comes.

How did this happen? What can be done?
Who will save us? We know this is wrong.
We used to be self reliant. We stood so strong.
We need more laws, more government, more.....
I think this is stupid, I won't take it anymore!
Free Will And God, This Way Comes.

I will stand tall. The line is drawn.
It is time to defend. End this charade.
Band together. United we stand, divided we fall.
I have heard of an answer. The PACT.
Mutual Defense Pact. It started with one.
Free Will And God, This Way Comes.

It happened out West, Denver it started.
Many scoffed. Most sat on their hands.
The messenger called. A website was formed.
The call continued to go out.
It grew. More came. The Pact was no longer small.
Free Will And God, This Way Comes.

Time went on. The Government laughed.
The Government trembled. They were on the run.
The people were gathering. God's People stood strong.
No one wavered. People came when called.
It finally started, one day in the Fall.
Free Will And God, This Way Comes.

The battle erupted. From both sides they came.
The evil. The good. From government. From "We The People".
It spread from shore to shore. From defense it came.
Deadly and triumphant, the Lion joined the fray.
The New World Order, smashed by God's Order.
Free Will And God, This Way Comes.


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