BOOK REVIEW: 'Flight From Eden' by Kathryn A. Graham

By Wayne Hicks

Imagine an America in which a religious regime has come to power, and all freedom and thought is rigidly controlled in order to support that regimeís claim of God-ordained tyranny. Individual thinkers are branded as "enemies of the state", passports are required to cross county lines, your papers must be always in perfect order and must be surrendered immediately upon demand by officers of "National Security", the slightest infraction is sufficient to cause your arrest and torture until you confess to crimes you never even dreamed of committing...

The rest of the world watches sadly as this once-great nation descends into a morass of religio-philosophical stagnation, but with a conscript force numbering into the hundreds of millions, America still has enough military might to make any nation decide not to intervene. The intellectual decay of a nation where true knowledge is suppressed in favor of a State Religion that proclaims that all science is an abomination to God could be complete within a generation, and there are very few options for fighting it. Successful rebellion is impossible, due to the fear of punishment harbored by the citizenry, and aid from other countries is limited by the fear military reprisal.

Only one small group refuses to give up. If knowledge is suppressed, then knowledge is what the regime most fears, and must therefore be the most effective weapon with which to combat the tyrants who claim to be the Voice of God on Earth... and so knowledge is what they seek, a form of knowledge that cannot be disputed or explained away by the church and its controlled media.

Kris, Dennis, Eric, Sally, Paul and a handful of others, dedicate "their lives, their fortunes and their Sacred honor: to bringing light to that knowledge and sharing it with the world, and the cost will be as great for some as it is possible to be. In a secret underground base, a decade is spent preparing for an expedition to uncover the one possible fact that could destroy the very foundations of the tyrannical church... absolute proof that life exists elsewhere in the galaxy, absolute proof that man is NOT alone in the universe!

These brave freedom fighters must live as fugitives, must come to grips with their own fears and accept the necessity of even their own deaths in order to protect and complete the mission they have set for themselves, and despite capture and torture, sabotage, betrayal and the sure and certain knowledge that success will mean that they will die millions of miles away from their homes, they persevere against greater odds than any rebellion has ever fought before. This story is so dramatic and exciting that youíll come to regard each of them as a friend, and detest interruptions that make you put this book down for even a a few moments!

The science upon which the book is founded is accurate, and the authorís understanding of human nature and personalities makes each character come to life. The reader will share their fears, their hopes and their despairs, and like this writer, will reach the surprise conclusion of this first book in a series with an impatient demand for the next episode, so that our relationship to the characters might continue for a few hours more.

*Kathryn A. Graham is a licensed private investigator, and says her hobby is reading physics textbooks, which she uses to make her science fiction stories more accurate. She writes regularly for the Sierra Times and other publications, and I am proud to call her my personal friend. She and her partner, John Tarsikes, have lately taken on a number of previously unsolved cases, including the case of the Murder of Janie Ward in Arkansas.

*Kathryn is also a member of Armed Females of America and is our Texas State Director.

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