Protect the Second!

By Dave McPhail

I just read Lori Broadhead’s article “I'm Mad as Hell!; Why do Most gun owners think like gun grabbers?” at Armed Females of America and I have to say that I share Lori’s frustration about gun-owners apathy.

Now, I certainly won’t claim to have an answer to the concerns Lori expressed, but I do have a couple of suggestions for those of us who are a bit more passionate about our Second Amendment right. I don’t know what single issue we can all agree on, however, perhaps my suggestions can help us to individually protect our rights. Besides, we should not depend on the NRA (whether you like the NRA or not) or the GOA to do all the work anyway.

Therefore, promote and support the sport.

Supporting the shooting sports is a good way of supporting our right to keep and bear arms, but you may ask, how do we do this?

The easiest way is to purchase guns and ammo. Buy as much ammo and as many guns as you can.

Allow me to give you an example: When I lived in the Socialist People’s Republik of Kalifornia I followed the law they have there that compels people to purchase one gun every 30 days. Since relocating to the freer state of Nevada, I have continued this practice out of habit, buying one or more firearms per month. Certainly I don’t expect everyone to buy one gun every thirty days, but there are other ways to support the sport (if you reside in the SPRofK, move to Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Alaska, Wyoming or Montana).

Buy ammo. Buy factory loaded ammo, or bullets, brass, primers, powder, dies, etc. Buy ammo and shoot often. When I go to the range I pick up my empty brass as well as all brass near me that no one else picks up. As a result I have a lot of empty brass that I feel compelled to reload. That means I buy a lot of powder, bullets and primers.

Visit you local range weekly, or join a gun club. I recently joined a local rifle and pistol club.

Another way to support the sport is to participate in some sort of action shooting or competition shooting. Again, I recently began participating in local USPSA matches and plan on participating in local IDPA matches. You should know that I’m old and slow but I still enjoy the matches.

Talk to co-workers about the matches. Where I work, two of my co-workers are purchasing handguns in order to participate in local action shooting matches as a result of my discussions with them about the matches I participate in. Be sure to join USPSA, IDPA, IPSC or SASS.

Attend the gun shows in your area. GOA (Gun Owners of America) usually has a booth at the entrance of gun shows. If you join GOA you get into the gun show free. Such a deal!

Join the NRA or the GOA. OK, so you don’t like the NRA, so join GOA and your state club such as the Nevada Rifle and Pistol Club.

If you live in a “shall issue” state, obtain a concealed carry permit.

When the NRA or GOA, send those postcards to send to your government “representatives,” mail em! How hard can that be?

Go win the Bianchi Cup. Someone has to beat Doug and Rob someday. Just a little levity.

Participation in the CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program) would be helpful.

And just to tick off the anti-self-defense idiots, go out and buy a Hesse .50 BMG, a Colt AR-15, a full-auto or suppressed firearm or even some other NFA firearm such as a pen gun with a $5.00 transfer tax (if you live in a state that “allows” you to do so).

You can also invite friends and relatives to go to the range with you so they can experience the enjoyment of some relaxing target practice.

Honestly, how much effort does it take to place a phone call to your congress critter or write a short note to them? For example, express your desire to see the so-called “assault weapons” ban sunset.

Really, how hard is that? If you want to keep your right to own a firearm for whatever reason, whether it is for shootin’ Daffy or Bambi’s mamma, clay pigeons, paper or steel, or the guy standing, uninvited, in your bedroom in the middle of the night with a knife or a gun, you had better take a more active interest in maintaining that right.

I’m certain that you can think of a couple more things you can do to promote and support the sport if you put your minds to it.

We must all keep in mind that the banners aren’t just gunnin’ for our self-defense firearms. They want to stop hunting and fishing for cryin’ out loud! We cannot compromise; we must stop these attacks on our freedom.

And don’t come crying to me about it when they come for your firearms and you didn’t do anything about it now. For, if we don’t fight with pen & paper now, we will have a real fight on our hands later. I hope no one wants that.

But above all, YOU must realize that the anti’s desire is to take YOUR firearm from you, any firearm you own, for whatever reason. Oh, they may say they don’t want your hunting rifle but what is a hunting rifle today is a “sniper weapon” of tomorrow. A duck gun today is a “weapon of mass destruction” tomorrow. And remember, you don’t have a legitimate “need” for a .50 BMG rifle. And you don’t “need” ANYTHING that is semi-auto.

Also, remember Benjamin Franklin’s words; “If we don’t hang together we will surely hang separately.”

One final word about our freedom:

"Freedom is indivisible - there is no 's' on the end of it. You can erode freedom, diminish it, but you cannot divide it and chose to keep 'some freedoms' while giving up others." ~ Ronald Reagan

Dave McPhail

If we lose ANY aspect of freedom or liberty, all freedom is gone.

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