Raising Liberty

Our hope for the Future

"Liberty is the only thing you cannot have unless you are willing to give it to others"

If names mean anything baby Liberty will have an interesting life, indeed. His parents debated naming him Freedom but it occurred to them that Liberty insures Freedom, not the other way around.

His full name is: Marius William Liberty

He was first named Marius after the famous first man in Rome, Gaius Marius. Gaius Marius was the first " underclass " individual to rise to the station he did. Prior to that only the " elite patrician " class could rule.

He achieved this tremendous honor due to his inclusion of all people into the citizenship of Rome. Prior to that it was only offered to a select few. Not unlike the myth that is Communism which in fact limits its membership severely.

Gaius Marius also instituted several new policies which empowered the average man to share in the great wealth the country had to offer if they were willing to fight for their country in exchange.

He was a great leader who lead by establishing trust and devotion in his followers who loved him and followed him out of respect and admiration. Not from fear and intimidation.

It is our hope that our son will become a leader of men who gets people to follow him because he has earned their respect and keeps it by respecting others.

William, of course, after the great William the Conqueror. Again, be a fearless leader of men who has people follow him into victory via desire rather than intimidation.

Liberty, because without liberty nothing else is possible.

But, if he is a leader of men who remember to be kind in his leadership, the liberty will be protected by him and his ardent followers.

The Armed Females of America Family extends our best wishes to baby Liberty and with him our hope for the future.

"The God who gave us life gave us liberty. Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God." Thomas Jefferson

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