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Watch your language!

by Ronald H Levine
Midvale, Utah
July 4, 2004

With the celebration of my Nation's birthday, I am posting this to ask all who read it to watch their language. My Nation's birthday has a name. It is called Independence Day. Independence has real meaning. That is the birth of our United States of America. Please do not say: "The Fourth of July." It takes away from the meaning of my favorite holiday and this most important celebration. If someone wants to know the date of Independence Day, tell them that Independence Day is on July 4.

We tend to think that each of our own individual voices is small and diluted. Many don't even bother voting. That is a big mistake. We really do make a difference in how we vote and even what we say. You might think you have very little control and influence. Take control. Only you chose the words that you use. Choose not to adopt the new language that reflects a disavowment of our heritage. Choose to say Independence Day and not "The Fourth of July." Spread this around with your words and reasons. Copy this and post it everywhere and send it to your friends.

Other examples of insidious changes in our language that reflect a turning away from our heritage can be found. What do we call those in public office? Choose your words carefully. We often use the words that we hear. Words have changed. I remember when those in public office called themselves "public servants." Now they are calling themselves "the authorities." What does this mean! They work for us. We elect them. We can vote them out. We can replace them. We are self-governing people. Let's choose to call them public servants. Let's vote out any elitist that would dictate to us and call themselves authorities. Let's tell the news media that they need to use correct language, too. Or better yet -- replace it and it looses credibility.

What do you call land in our Nation that is not privately held? Is it the news media that gets us to use words that deceive us on the real ownership? Now, almost everyone uses these incorrect words. It is NOT "government land!" Our Nation's Constitution specifically prohibits our government from owning land with some very limited and small exceptions. I remember the time when it was called "public land" and that is what I choose to call it. What will it be called next with the way OUR Nation is going? The King's land?

We are called a democracy, yet our Founding Fathers spoke of all forms of government and called democracy the worst form of government. We are a Constitutional Republic. The liberal biased media is so intent on changing that one in our language and in our minds that they misquoted Ronald Reagans speeches by replacing mention of that with the word democracy even though he didn't say that.

Listen closely for more words that reflect change away from our heritage of Independence and the Divinely inspired self-government with systems of checks and balances that our Founding Fathers and revolutionaries gave us by risking everything they knew and by fighting and dying for us.

Throughout our history, many have fought and died to preserve our freedoms and heritage. The least we can do is protect our heritage by the words we choose. Each of us can easily do that. Even if you are one of those who believe that your one vote won’t make a difference and it is not worth your time, you can at least do this. It won’t take any more of your time. Choose your words carefully to reflect our heritage.

Our Founding Fathers warned us to be ever vigilant. This means awareness. This means we must look for threats to our freedoms. This means that we must maintain control of our government that works for us. For now, it is still government of the people. Use your vote wisely while you still have a choice. Participate in our Constitutional Representative self-government or loose self-government to special interests and liberal biased media driven voters by your default.

Now that you have read this, you can be more aware of dangerous changes in our thinking. That is where excessive government power begins. Now that you are thinking this way, improper words will stand out to you. It will be like getting a new car that is not familiar. Suddenly you start noticing them on the road.

Now you will notice how predominately people will say "Fourth of July" and you should say: "No -- it's Independence Day." People will say we are a democracy and you can correct them: "No -- we are a Constitutional Republic.

If people wanted to lessen the importance of Christmas in this manner, they would call it The Twenty-Fifth of December. I wouldn't dare! People would rightly be as offended at that insult as I am to the detracting from our heritage. They would tell us that Christmas is about shopping, decorating a tree and presents. Oh, I guess they do that! I guess people think their "Fourth of July" is a celebration of fireworks.

Stand up for your Nation and tell people to take our language back! Let's use this holiday as it should be used. Let's celebrate our Nation's heritage and work to preserve it before we have to fight for freedom again. We can simply vote for freedom now. That is so much easier than waiting till after learning a harsh lesson to convince us, as history tends to repeat itself.

Can anyone tell me how and when and why a movement took place that changed our language to replace Independence Day with The Fourth of July?

Ask local businesses to change their advertisements to use the words Independence Day instead of The Fourth of July. Create a movement to restore our heritage and use language that reflects our heritage of justice and freedoms and our land of opportunity before it is too late.

Spread this around with your words and reasons. Copy this and post it everywhere and send it to your friends. Copy permission granted to all.

Ronald H Levine



"A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years." -- Alexander Tyler